Shannen joined the cast of Riverdale for one episode in order to honor her friend, Luke, and while her role was kept secret for a while, we finally got to see her emotional cameo.
Oct 10, 2019

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What episode of Riverdale does Jughead die?
In episode 15, titled "To Die For," it was revealed that Jughead was alive and hiding in Dilton's underground bunker after the Stonewall Prep students tried to murder him. Archie, Betty, and Veronica made it look like he was dead so there would be time to figure out why the students wanted to kill him.
How did they write off Luke Perry in Riverdale?
“That's not heroic; that's senseless.” The episode was an extra emotional one for the “Riverdale” cast and crew, as Fred was only written out of the show out of necessity: Perry passed away on Mar. 4 of this year, from complications after having a stroke.
Was Luke Perry filming when Riverdale died?
Wednesday night's episode of “Riverdale” was the last episode late actor Luke Perry filmed before his unexpected death from a stroke at age 52 last month. ... Randy ultimately dies and Archie blames himself. Back at their home, Archie swears off boxing and confesses he knew his foe was using drugs.
How did Riverdale deal with Luke Perry death?
By the end of the episode, Archie vows to live his life in a way that would make his father proud. And Riverdale honors both Fred and Perry with a parade put on by the whole town, and reminiscing with videos and photos of both the character and the actor while setting off a beautiful fireworks display.
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