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17 months ago Warehouse 31 is celebrating 10 seasons of fright, now until ... Check out these four spooky reasons why it's great to be scared at Warehouse 31. ... lights, the tunnel of doom, sinister bloodthirsty creatures and the spookiest souls around. ... spending their time researching new scare tactics and creating new...
5 months ago Each will utilize a variety of scare tactics (as well as a rogue's gallery ... A lot of people love a good fright this time of year, which is why local ... Patrons will have to get down on their hands and knees to crawl through a tunnel. ... You may or may not get the business end of that ax at Scarizona Scaregrounds.
6 months ago Tapping into our primal fear of unknown creatures lurking nearby in the ... to simply screaming bloody murder at thrill-seekers as a scare tactic, and it works. ... and push your way through to the dim light at the end of a tunnel.
17 months ago Prepare for the scare of a lifetime at this haunted experience. ... Many company employees met an untimely end doing exactly what they were paid to do. ... Even more, a new attraction called the Vortex Tunnel will be open this season ... 3's light version of the hands-on scare tactics seen in the higher levels.
5 months ago Scary scene of note: One worker trying to outrun the lights in a long tunnel as the generator powers down. ... And the shocking ending just may be the ultimate nightmare scenario. ... the standard for the barricade-yourself-in-the-house survival tactic. ... 'The Thing' (1982): What makes this the top fright fest?
65 months ago But chances are good that, unless you're a diehard scary-movie ... gem from Larry Cohen (It's Alive) turns a concise justification tactic — "because God told ... its fright flicks in the Bush era — the onslaught of French horror (see High ... From beginning to end, everything about Andrzej Zulawski's horror film is...
35 months ago I employed TED-talk tactics: “What about the importance of risk taking? ... which she said provided Giant Dipper-worthy views without the fright. ... of drama kicks in again as you descend into a pitch-black tunnel. ... assure you that you're going to experience not existential fear but fun. ... I rode to the end.
2 months ago ... with a variety of tactics, including violence, surveillance and intimidation. ... Mahomes' pass on third-and-10 toward Kelce in the end zone led to the ... he gave New England a fright in a commercial during the first half of Sunday's game. ... About 3-1/2 hours before kickoff, Daly emerged from the tunnel to...
17 months ago What's especially impressive is how Flanagan has reshaped the contours of horror for television – historically a medium where scaring the...
16 months ago "I've been through cyclones and give me a cyclone anytime because fires are just totally unpredictable and extremely scary," she said.