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Jun 16, 2020 · Samus Aran is a fictional character who serves as the protagonist of the Metroid science fiction action-adventure game series by Nintendo. She was introduced ... Character · Conception and ... · Appearances · Other appearances Origin: Colony K-2L, Earth; Raised on Zebes First appearance: Metroid; 1986; Last appearance: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; 2018 Designed by: Hiroji Kiyotake

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Is Samus Aran human?
According to GamePro, though Other M's story and Samus's monologues did not compel them, "it helped contextualize her entire existence" which developed the character to "an actual human being who's using the vastness of space to try and put some distance between herself and the past".
How old is Samus?
Other M concept art reveals that in her early years of around the time of the K-2L attack, that she is "4-6 years old," contradicting early media saying it happened when she was three, and in her Federation military period, she is "15-17 years old."
When was Samus revealed as a girl?
Slower players would witness a triumphant Samus in full body armour at the end. But complete the game in a speedy 3 to 5 hours, and you were rewarded with a sequence where Samus's helmet was removed. This was the historic moment when 'he' was revealed as a she - a huge deal in 1986.
How strong is Samus Aran?
Samus is able to jump and crawl with no trouble in the gravity, meaning she's able to not just army crawl while bearing the mass of 1000 earth Samuses, but jump like twelve feet in the air with all that weight. Samus is swole as heck. In Metroid: Other M, Samus fishes that fire fish creature out of the lava.
Nov 18, 2020 · Samus Aran is an intergalactic Bounty Hunter and the main protagonist of the Metroid series. Her first appearance was in the original Metroid, released in 1986 . Home Planet: K-2L Race: Human-Chozo Hybrid Off-Game Appearance(s): Metroid (manga) Game(s): All Metroid games; All Smash Bros. games
Oct 26, 2020 · The series has been with Nintendo since the very start and Samus Aran is still considered to be one of the stronger female protagonists in video game history.
Apr 24, 2020 · Later, during Samus's mission to rescue the Chozo from Zebes, Ridley angrily insulted Samus by telling her that he had to eat the corpses of the dead colonists to ... Death: Killed by Ridley on K-2L
Nov 10, 2020 · Samus Aran (サムス・アラン, Samus Aran) is the protagonist of the Metroid series. Samus is the galaxy's most famous bounty hunter, thanks to her constantly  ... Smash Bros. appearances: SSB; Melee; Brawl; SSB4; Ultimate Most recent non-Smash appearance: WarioWare Gold (2018, cameo) Designed by: Hiroji Kiyotake Place of origin: K-2L (birthplace); Zebes (surrogate homeworld)
Jul 28, 2020 · Brie Larson continues to campaign for the role of Samus Aran in a potential Metroid movie from Nintendo, sharing fan art of her as the character.
Jul 24, 2020 · Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson again shows interest in portraying Metroid's Samus Aran, saying, 'I definitely want to make that movie.'
Nov 6, 2020 · Samus Aran's similarity to the Alien franchise's Ellen Ripley is pretty obvious. In the first Metroid game, Samus Aran appears as a wavy-haired brunette, much like  ...
Sep 11, 2020 · Depending on where you look and whom you ask, Samus Aran is a bounty hunter driven primarily by greed and an unsettling lust for Captain N, the teenage  ...