3 hours ago Much of the Trump-Russia story is still unknown, but the relationship left the US estranged from its allies and facing deepening domestic strife.
1 day ago Mr. Navalny, the Russian opposition leader, was arrested at a Moscow airport after five months in Germany, recovering from a near-fatal...
20 hours ago Riley June Williams was turned in to the FBI by a former "romantic partner," according to court documents.
4 hours ago Alexei Navalny's brave gamble in going back to Russia to take on someone as ruthless as Vladimir Putin appears to have been a...
1 hour ago Platform popular with Trump supporters is back online, but only carries a message from its CEO, using IP address owned by DDOS-Guard.
11 hours ago It follows his dramatic return to Russia, five months after a nerve agent attack almost killed him.
19 hours ago Russian authorities extend Navalny's detention, as outcry grows over opposition leaders arrest after he returned to Russia following poisoning.
21 hours ago Poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was unexpectedly put on trial in a police station without access to his lawyers on Monday.
1 day ago The US and several European countries call on Russia to release the Kremlin critic, who was arrested after arriving in Moscow. Russian...
12 hours ago The US is set to impose sanctions on the Russian pipe-laying vessel "Fortuna" for its involvement in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.