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3 weeks ago Only the formation of a single decolonised state encompassing the entire territory of historical Palestine can put an end to Israel's colonial ambitions.
13 hours ago It is for these reasons that the PTC's decision is, I think, of historical importance. Obviously, the investigation concerning the Situation in Palestine will not by itself...
3 weeks ago Dr Jimbob Blinkhorn of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History and lead author of the paper, says, 'Sites with both hominin fossils directly...
12 hours ago The event framed Palestinian self-determination as part of a “collective ... not Palestine — then they would be obligated to recognize the history of Jewish...
1 week ago But a few years ago, Nisma al-Sallaq, a local architect and a passionate advocate for the Palestinian enclave's cultural history, set out to change that.
9 hours ago The long-awaited decree by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas last ... History is repeating itself as Israel has already begun its arrest campaigns of...
1 month ago ... what-ifs of history are both tantalizing and tragic—and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the impasse between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
4 weeks ago ... which he believes is downplayed in Palestinian schools, and to consider the complicated history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from multiple perspectives.
4 days ago In celebration of Women's History Month, the Palestine Negro Business and Professional Women's Club are hosting a special women's conference via Zoom at...
1 week ago ... history of British support for Zionism and callous disregard for Palestinian rights. ... In 1917, Arabs constituted 90 percent of the population of Palestine; Jews...