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Otto Mannkusser is the German owner of The Grotto, a ranch, and Francis' boss and sidekick for the fourth and fifth seasons. He speaks with a very heavy ... Gretchen Mannkusser ˇ Hal's Christmas Gift ˇ Dewey's Special Class
Otto Mannkusser is Francis' German boss and sidekick for the fourth and fifth seasons. He meets Francis while stopping for a pit stop along the highway where  ...
Mars appeared in two seasons of Malcolm in the Middle as Otto Mannkusser, Francis's well-meaning but dimwitted boss and a German immigrant who owns a  ... Career ˇ Cancer diagnosis and ...

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Where does Malcolm in the Middle take place?
The series is about a genius named Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) and his dysfunctional family in the fictional town of Star City, militant mother Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) and immature, but loving father Hal (Bryan Cranston).
Where is Otto's ranch?
Broke Jaw Ranch is a location in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. The ranch is the headquarters of a survivalist community and is owned and operated by Jeremiah Otto and his two sons, Jake and Troy. It is located to the east of San Diego, California.
How old is Kenneth Mars?
75 years (1935–2011) Kenneth Mars / Age at death Kenneth Mars, who has died aged 75 from pancreatic cancer, was cherished by audiences for his unhinged comic performances in two of the writer-director Mel Brooks's finest and funniest movies, The Producers (1968) and Young Frankenstein (1974).
Otto Mannkusser. Show all 25 episodes. 2003 The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration (Video) Grandpa (voice). 2003 Freelancer (Video Game) ...
Otto Mannkusser : Don't be ridiculous! No one expects you to be perfect. If I wanted perfection I would have hired a robot; or a Swede! But I hired you, Francis , ...
Feb 17, 2007 ˇ Notice ˇ Malcolm in the Middle/Otto Mannkusser ˇ Contents ˇ Basic Information ˇ Character History ˇ Memorable Moments ˇ Trivia ˇ Quotes.
Otto Mannkusser. 20 likes. I come from Germany but now I live in United States with my dear wife.
A great memorable quote from the Malcolm in the Middle movie on - Francis: I don't need an assistant.Otto Mannkusser: But the boy needs a job, and  ...
Mar 4, 2009 ˇ Some great images and filmography of this durable, beloved character actor, mostly known for his roles in crazy Mel Brooks movies - his role as ...
Kenneth Mars plays Otto Mannkusser. Richiepiep; Nov 28, 2009. Right: Mars as Franz Liebkind (another funny German character) in Mel Brooks' 'The ...

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