Mercy Brown
Author Diana Ross McCain reports there were 18 documented instances of the exhumation of family members in suspected vampire cases throughout New England in the 18th and 19th century, but the case of Mercy Brown would be the last.
Oct 31, 2014

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How did Mercy Brown die?
However, he returned to Exeter in 1892 in an even worse state. Within the same year, Edwin's sister, Mercy Lena Brown, died from tuberculosis when she was just 19 years old. ... Indeed, on the morning of March 17, 1892, a doctor and some locals exhumed the bodies of each family member who had died of tuberculosis.
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When was the New England vampire panic?
On the morning of March 17, 1892, a party of men dug up the bodies, as the family doctor and a Journal correspondent looked on.
Where is mercy Brown buried?
Mercy's grave exists to this day in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, a small graveyard behind a tiny, white Baptist church off of Ten Rod Road, just a couple of miles from I-95. A path goes directly through the center of the cemetery, about halfway down which and on the left is the Brown family plot, beneath an evergreen tree.
Rhode Island folklorist Michael Bell has documented about 80 vampire ... come to believe in vampires—especially when the last known vampire panics at the ...
The Mercy Brown vampire incident occurred in Rhode Island, US, in 1892. It is one of the best ... Mercy Brown's story was the inspiration for the young adult novel Mercy: The Last New England Vampire by Sarah L. Thomson. An account of the ... History · Popular culture · References
Jan 16, 2017 · It was called the New England vampire panic and the most famous case was that of the Brown family and their 19-year daughter Mercy Brown.
Learn about Mercy Brown, known as New England's last vampire, and a terrible and unexplainable infectious disease. A rich history of folklore at Nightly Spirits.
The final resting place of New England's last vampire. ... a 19-year-old resident of the town of Exeter, was the last known instance in the state of Rhode Island of ...
Mar 4, 2018 · Then known as “consumption,” its symptoms included fatigue, night ... we can assume her legacy as the “Last New England Vampire” will live ...
Mar 9, 2020 · The most famous case of all time involved one Edwin Brown of Exeter, Rhode Island (an area known as a hotbed for cases of alleged vampirism), ...
The story of accused vampire Mercy Brown and Rhode Island's brief tenure as “ the ... But that did not keep Rhode Island from becoming known as the “Vampire ... Unsolved Mysteries; The Last Howard Johnson's Restaurant in New England ...
Oct 26, 2016 · And, perhaps most surprisingly of all, one of the last big vampire scares ... Rhode Island, died of tuberculosis, then known as consumption.

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