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2 days ago · Everything we can't stop loving, hating, and thinking about this week in pop culture.
2 days ago · Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard get together to have quite the pre-Valentine's Day date night — take a look at the photo and get the details!
2 weeks ago · 'The Good Place' star Kristen Bell on the emotional finale, her most challenging scene, and that 'tough-love ending.'
3 weeks ago · "Then we both blacked out and got into a fight and I don't actually remember what happened," says Kristen Bell of an argument with husband...
2 weeks ago · Last Thursday, the NBC comedy The Good Place aired its poignant finale, which concluded (spoilers) with Kristen Bell's Eleanor Shellstrop...
1 month ago · This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed Community. You can join and make your own posts and quizzes. Sign up to create your...
1 month ago · I have been waiting for this conversation since the day i got pregnant,” Kristen Bell remarked.
3 weeks ago · Kristen Bell is spilling all the details on her pretty incredible fight with husband Dax Shepard and here's why she felt the need to speak out.
16 hours ago · ... y compris le bonhomme de neige qu'elle voulait construire. Kristen Bell est bien-aimée dans la partie. Mais elle n'était pas le premier choix.
10 hours ago · Dax Shepard et Kristen Bell | Trae Patton / . Shepard lui-même est connu pour ses rôles dans des films comme Idiocracy et Without A Paddle,...