Capital of Rwanda
Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, roughly in the center of the country. It sprawls across numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. The Kigali Genocide Memorial documents the 1994 mass killings in Rwanda, associated with the country’s civil war. The city’s Caplaki Crafts Village has stalls selling traditional handicrafts, including woodcarvings and woven baskets.

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Is Kigali Rwanda safe?
Rwanda is one of the safest destinations in Africa, particularly for solo travelers. Crime is relatively low, with visitors sometimes experiencing petty crime, and locals are welcoming, friendly and hospitable. Pickpockets are active in crowded places, such as markets, and hire cars may be broken into for valuables.
Is Kigali the cleanest city in Africa?
The cleanest capital Thanks in large part to the absence of plastic waste, UN Habitat declared Rwanda's capital city of Kigali as one of Africa's cleanest in 2008. Rwanda is using investment and innovation to become cleaner and save the environment, and it's also using drones to save lives.
What is Kigali known for?
Kigali is the major arrival point for tourists visiting Rwanda's national parks and tracking mountain gorillas, and has its own sites of interest such as the Kigali Genocide Memorial and ecotourist facilities, as well as bars, coffee shops and restaurants.
How expensive is Kigali?
On average, rent for an average single bedroom house in Kigali City, per month, will cost about US$100, whereas outside the city centre, the same would go for about US$70. A three bedroom apartment will go for about US$1,900 and US$250 outside the city centre.
Kigali is the capital and largest city of Rwanda. It is near the nation's geographic centre in a region of rolling hills, with a series of valleys and ridges joined by ... Kigali International Airport · University of Kigali · Lycée de Kigali · Kigali City Tower Country: Rwanda Founded: 1907 Province: Kigali Province Elevation: 1,567 m (5,141 ft)
Jan 6, 2020 · Kigali is a city that has had more to come back from than practically any other on the continent, including some like Mogadishu in Somalia and ...
The City of Kigali launched on September 4, 2020 a new and accommodative master plan that will allow city dwellers to know what and where to invest... The City ...
Kigali, city and capital of Rwanda. It is located in the centre of the country on the Ruganwa River. Kigali was a trade centre (after 1895) during the German ...
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Inhabited since the 11th-century, what is now Kigali has been the home of Twas, Tutsis and Hutus. The city sits on a series of verdant ridges and lush valleys, ...
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Kigali is the capital of Rwanda. Nyabugogo Avenue, Kigali. Market stalls selling avocados. Fruit shop in Kigali. UnderstandEdit. The centre of political and ...

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