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3 hours ago · Alors qu'elle a quitté Grey's Anatomy il y a plusieurs années déjà, Katherine Heigl a expliqué qu'elle n'avait pas bien vécu son départ !
1 month ago · With Netflix's "Firefly Lane," actress Katherine Heigl is taking back control of her narrative.
3 weeks ago · The Netflix adaptation of Kristin Hannah's novel, starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, doesn't follow the novel's narrative shape, but it...
1 month ago · Katherine Heigl just opened up about the impact of being branded "difficult" and "unprofessional" in Hollywood, something that essentially got...
1 month ago · 'Grey's Anatomy' star Katherine Heigl discussed recently the possibility of Izzie Stevens coming back to the show in season 17.
1 month ago · 'Like, isn't that an a**hole move?' the 'Firefly Lane' star asks.
1 week ago · Katherine Heigl is having a comeback this year, with one of her projects being Fear Of Rain — a movie that centres on teenager Rain...
3 weeks ago · The showrunner of 'Firefly Lane' and the show's key cast members explain what they hope happens in Season 2 and beyond.
2 weeks ago · "Firefly Lane" star Katherine Heigl has revealed that in her personal life, she goes by Katie rather than Katherine.
1 month ago · Denouncing her difficult-to-work-with reputation, Katherine Heigl has started making movies and TV shows once again. Her mom is asking...