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1 day ago He was one of Bachelor Nation's biggest villains, but it appears Luke Parker has found love again, with Caitlin Beadles, the ex-girlfriend of...
2 days ago The Bachelorette star Luke Parker is low key dating Justin Bieber's ex Caitlin Beadles—find out more here.
5 hours ago Taylor Swift likes her workouts solo -- as in no one else can be in the gym when she sweats -- even if that certain someone else is Justin Bieber.
3 hours ago How TikTok—and a squeaky noise—made Roddy Ricch's “The Box” the biggest song in America.
2 days ago Justin Bieber serves a genre combo platter as he reigns on both Billboard's Hot R&B Songs and Hot Country Songs charts, becoming the first...
3 hours ago A 15-year-old Canadian named Justin Bieber had attracted an audience and major-label attention with his YouTube videos, but the world didn't...
2 days ago How the Hadids Are Helping Hailey Baldwin and Husband Justin Bieber in His Lyme Disease Battle.
1 day ago SUPER-STAR SPANGLED: Demi Lovato will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. The NFL previously announced that Jennifer Lopez...
2 days ago The pro-wrestler joined ET as a co-host on Wednesday and issued a strongly-worded challenge to the pop star.
2 days ago You've almost certainly heard of Justin Bieber. You probably have not heard of inquiry-based education, but you will. It's becoming the new...