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Mar 25, 2020 · More Like This. Prank Encounters. Flinch.

People also ask

What is scare tactic?
Scare Tactics is a hidden camera prank show that puts victims into terrifying situations, usually involving movie-style special effects and makeup that recreates horror movie clichés.
Is scare tactics on Netflix fake?
Oh dear, this is one of the most worst TV shows I've ever seen. Actors are suppose to scare innocent victims while being filmed by hidden cameras. But the whole show is obviously fake. All the so- called "victims" are lame actors without any feeling at all.
What are scare tactics examples?
Examples of scare tactics include mock car crashes, demonstrations of the diseased lungs of a smoker, and the 'this is your brain on drugs' commercial. Scare tactics often do not work, especially for young people. That's because… Fear appeals often change attitudes and intentions without causing a change in behavior.
Is scare tactics still a thing?
Although the show aired six seasons and 119 episodes between 2002 and 2013 on Syfy (and originally on the Sci-Fi Channel), there's a lot I didn't know about it, including the surprising way the victims of pranks were cast.
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