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No, as part of the fear factor of the SA-X is how sparingly they actually ... The encounters should be less scripted at least, it's pretty nothing once ...
Jul 9, 2011 · Once you figure out that the SA-X encounters are scripted, it loses all the tension. ... The reason FEAR and all games like it fail is because while you're ... the game which added loads of them and they just lost there fear factor.
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Nov 22, 2010 · I think it's lack of presence is just as potent for creating fear as seeing the ... its appearances non-scripted would really amp up the scary factor.
Give more of a fear factor especially if you were stuck in a weakened state for the whole ... given just how much stronger the SA-X is than Samus for almost the entire ... than scary and decided instead to restrict the SA-X to scripted sequences.
Aug 24, 2016 · Mother Brain and Ridley are killed, but the Federation is unable to secure Zebes due to the urtraghians, ... It was just a tad less scripted. ... Well, the fear factor of SA-X is greatly reduced by her having the brains of a fence post.
Aug 25, 2010 · For the most part, any time the SA-X appears is a bad thing. ... The game does a very good job of making the player fear the SA-X, and ... the time, and was standing square in the middle of where the van was scripted to land. ... The crucial factor is this: a Blu-Ray holds 50GB of data while a DVD holds 9GB.
Jan 13, 2019 · Same too, that sense of alien/predator movies, fear and urgency is amazing. ... It seemed very underutilized and scripted, and I would love a revisit of that concept with more advanced ... You never knew when SA-X was going to show up or what it was doing. ... I feel like the limiting factor is motion controls.
"Fear-Inducing Footsteps" | Metroid Fusion #6 7.1. By Xenia Sawyer. Metroid Fusion Sound effects sample: The SA-X seeks you... 7.9. By Ivan ... Let's Play Metroid Prime Trilogy: Metroid Prime Part 16 - The X-Ray Factor 8.2. By Elliot ... Here, I play around with the SA-X and (kinda) show how badly scripted the CPU really is!
Feb 21, 2016 · I believe the difference with Fusion is that the linear style of the plot is ... It's only a shame that all of these encounters with the “SA-X,” a creature with all of Samus's latent abilities, are scripted and hardly ... Add to the fear factor.
... certainly had a wow factor to the presentation, sound and graphics. ... It still is! This game is just too awesome. It holds up so well, too. ... to Super Metroids creepiness was fusion with SA-X hunting you. ... That was a scripted event. ... Fear. The Crocomire fight really stands out for me. I didn't know how to ...