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Christoph Waltz / Films
Inglourious Basterds

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Why is Basterds spelled wrong?
That's just the way you say it: Basterds." He later stated that the misspelled title is "a Basquiat-esque touch". He further commented on Late Show with David Letterman that Inglourious Basterds is a "Quentin Tarantino spelling".
What is Aldo sniffing in Inglourious Basterds?
Aldo snuffs some tobacco. Snuff is a smokeless tobacco product made from ground or pulverized dried and cured tobacco leaves, which is consumed by inhaling it into the nose.
What is the meaning of Inglourious Basterds?
Inglourious Basterds works as fantasy – killing Hitler is on everyone's list of what to do if you could time travel – but its accomplishment as cinema is even more dazzling. The film signals from the start that it is a fiction and an homage to World War Two movies.
What is a golem Inglourious Basterds?
A: In Hebrew folklore, a Golem is an anthropomorphic creature made from the earth (stone, mud, clay, etc.) that can be brought to life by writing a specific word on its body or on paper and feeding the paper to it. It is then bound to obey the will of its creator.
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3 days ago · Titre original, Inglourious basterds 2. Date de sortie, Projet. Réalisé par, Quentin Tarantino. Offres VOD de Inglourious Basterds 2. CANAL VOD, SD HD, CANAL ... Date de sortie: Projet
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3 days ago · Title, : Inglourious Basterds. Release, : 2009-08-18. Runtime, : 153 min. Genre, : Drama, Action ...Duration: 2:23 Posted: 3 days ago
2 days ago · Inglourious Basterds. Film. Film de guerre - Etats-Unis - Allemagne - 2009. Durée : 2h33. Acteurs : Brad Pitt (Aldo Raine) , Mélanie Laurent (Shosanna Dreyfus) ...
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4 days ago · Bastards Audiovisuel, Pellicule, Tournage, Personnages, Inglorious Basterds, On Adore, Stanley. Enregistrée ... August Diehl in Inglourious Basterds (2009).

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