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3 weeks ago · WINK INVESTIGATES: Unemployment benefits haven't gone up since 1998; what will ... “You can't have people waiting for months for money that they've worked all ... “I would think it should be an average that most states have, and so I've put...
12 hours ago · Even though it was a virtual event this year, the passions, emotions, dedication and love shared by ... lies, deceits and conspiracies” that sent her innocent son, Rodney Reed, to death row in 1998. ... In Texas. you can get the death penalty and not have killed anybody. ... I've been put on drugs. ... I was waiting all day to die.
9 hours ago · The announcement was swiftly welcomed by Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla ... Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya in 1998 and to attack the USS Cole off the port of Aden in 2000. ... “I've been standing in line for fuel for more than five hours now and this is ... “After every four days, I spend a whole day waiting for fuel.
3 weeks ago · In other words, yes, this is the Crash game you've been waiting over two ... you'd be wise to forget every Crash game to have come out since 1998, since Crash...
4 days ago · Aronofsky: When you read Hubert Selby, Jr. you're expecting someone more like ... And he said, “Here, I've just been working on this translation,” and handed me a ... coming off playing the Miss Havisham equivalent in Alfonso Cuarón's 1998 ... having more time together, because they were waiting for his car to get towed.
1 hour ago · When, for example, you see Rickey Henderson in left field instead of center in the ... Year established: 1998; All-time record: 1,726-1,896 (.477); World Series ... James Shields: Easy to forget now, but he was one of the premier pitchers in the ... and with four legitimate leadoff options, I've pushed Kenny Lofton — probably...
18 hours ago · Through their efforts, the Brady Bill — which imposed a waiting period on the purchase of ... Schumer was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1998 and Schumer and Biden ... only operates out of confidence — and I'm toasting you, Chuck,” Biden said. ... “I've asked him to help me certain ways with some of our candidates and he...
4 weeks ago · The Frenchman, who finished 11th at the Tour having been in podium contention midway through, ... Bassons, who railed against doping at the 1998 Tour de France before being hounded out of the race by his ... I've been hearing about the sport's past for 30 years. ... Welcome to the world, we have not been waiting for you.
2 weeks ago · This was a moment many Bucs fans — new and old ― had been waiting for, to see Brady ... those who have been with the team since 1998, the stadium's first season, or earlier — as ... "In a lot of sports you need the fans. ... I've been through the highs and the lows (with the franchise), so I'm really excited about this season.
4 days ago · Englebert has been a professor at Pomona College since 1998 and currently ... it opened this floodgate, like all the music had been sitting there waiting … and I ... One of Englebert's more personal songs is “If You Were No Longer in My Life ... “I've been able to combine both in ways that are very rewarding,” Englebert said.