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Humans / Cast
Gemma Chan

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Did humans get Cancelled?
The sci-fi drama was a co-production starring Gemma Chan. AMC and Channel 4 are waving farewell to Humans. The U.S. basic cable network and the U.K. outlet — who both co-produced the scripted drama — have opted to cancel the series after three seasons.
What happened to Fred in humans?
After David committed suicide, Fred was on the run with his family, but was taken by a group of assailants along with Mia and Niska. He was eventually sold to Leaf Ridge Farms Foods Limited with his memories intact. It was during his time working as a fruit-picker that a mobile phone was discovered in his possession.
Did humans end on a cliffhanger?
Yes it completes almost all story arches in S3 but it will feel rushed for sure because well,they had to! This show is a masterpiece of sci fi and I would recommend 10/10. You'll finish it soon i promise you. Ends with a massive cliffhanger.
Is Leo in humans a synth?
As a human-synth hybrid, Leo has a slightly different physiology from most humans and this gives him a set of synth skills different from humans.
Humans (TV Series 2015–2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
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Humans is a mature, high-octane thriller offering emotional intrigue and ... The Hawkins family buy a robot servant called a synth in the opener of this series based on a Swedish sci-fi drama. ... 9 TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch This June ... of the production (i.e., it just looks good), and the competence of the cast. Jun 21 ...
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TV Series Page ... Humans gains new sociopolitical dimensions in its third season, mining deeper insight from its sci-fi premise without ... Show all Cast & Crew ...
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Read the best Humans review and find the streaming service to watch! Find out cast, summary and seasons for this TV series.
Jul 6, 2018 · What's next for Channel 4 and AMC's Humans after season 3, episode 8? Humans closed its spectacular third series with a whole string of ...
Apr 28, 2016 · Humans has added another actress to its cast for season two. Bella Dayne has joined the cast of the AMC series, which had its start on Channel 4 in the UK. ... Get our free email alerts on TV shows in this article: News

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