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4 hours ago And as to the other countries listed above who have virtually no COVID deaths or ... claims of fear for the variants of the current COVID are hyper-scare tactics.
2 weeks ago ... came together to explain why this is setting a dangerous precedent and is a scare tactic to prevent the youth from getting involved in social and political issues.
2 hours ago During each call, the person is using scare tactics to gain personal information. Law enforcement will NEVER ask for money/gift cards or demand access to your...
1 week ago GET THE DH APP Muzzle, jail, repeat: Will scare tactics silence youth voices?
2 days ago The birds have reportedly been damaging rooftops and vehicles by picking at ... More shocking of a scare tactic to some is the USDA's use of dead vultures,...
2 days ago ... that contribute to an athlete's performance — and have resorted to using scare tactics, such as contending trans participation will destroy women's sports.
21 hours ago “This isn't about scare tactics,” she said. ... “Much like many others, I have a hard time being told what to do, especially when the rationale does not make sense,”...
1 week ago “Scare tactics do not work. Getting a famous person to come in and talk about their experience — these do not work. Prevention is a science,” Matt Null, a...
6 days ago After enduring months of COVID scare tactics, I have now received two shots of ... manipulate our lives and get back to the basics of the Constitution by allowing...
1 day ago Jerry Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, described the warnings as scare tactics. ... “There's 33 states that have interest rates capped at 33 percent or lower. If it's good...