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Metacritic TV Reviews, Deputy - Season 1, Deputy Bill Hollister (Stephen Dorff) is the new acting sheriff after the death of the Los Angeles County Sheriff in this ...
In Season 2 of this rural crime drama, sheriff Walt Longmire and deputy Vic Moretti ... leads Walt and his deputies to a missing girl and secret Indian grave sites.
When sudden tragedy forces a deputy to step into the role of governor, she faces grueling political and personal tests in order to lead her state. Starring:Caroline ...
While many believe Williams's best years are long gone, deputy team principal Claire Williams sees a bright future with rookie driver George Russell.
Deputy Lyle is back to influence the lives of four wayward teens, including a drug ... A troubled teen disappears into a crush of angry inmates as deputies and his ...
Bazbaz knows Castillo, his deputy, is playing him and tries to go around him. Carolina still pursues the story, and Amanda is desperate for attention. Watch The ...
Rating (10)
Watch full episodes of Deputy and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, ... 8 Shows Like The Office to Watch Next Now That It Left Netflix.
Deputy is available to stream on free services, FOX, FOX and TVision. You can ... netflix. amazon_prime. hulu_plus. disney_plus. hbo. & more all in one place.
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Apr 3, 2020 · I hope some other network, including hulu or netflix, picks it up. A lot of great actors and writers. It is the best show I have seen in a long time. Networks: Fox Broadcasting Company