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6 hours ago ... Christina Ricci and Christopher Walken will be shown at 8:30pm. "Each movie is sold separately and guests will receive a fun Halloween surprise upon entry.
19 hours ago ... to Burton's signature aesthetic and some wonderfully hammy performances, especially from Christopher Walken who plays the infamous headless horseman.
17 hours ago Fun Honest Trailer For BATMAN: THE MOVIE When Batman Was a Mix of Christopher Walken and Jeff Goldblum Honest Trailer For THE BOYS - What The DC...
16 hours ago Christopher Walken, who is known for needing “extra cowbell,” returned to the present as host for the seventh time. All through the episode, he stars in a Walken...
15 hours ago Creepy, fun, and strange in all the right amounts, Burton's Sleepy Hollow is a millennial touchstone that totally gets away with casting Christopher Walken as the...