The Seven Year Witch

Charmed: Season 7, Episode 16
Piper is attacked by demons and winds up in a coma, and as she hovers between life and death, her spirit meets Cole (Julian McMahon), who says he is trying to help restore Phoebe's faith in love.
Show: Charmed
Air date: April 10, 2005
Previous episode: Show Ghouls
Next episode: Scry Hard
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The Seven Year Witch ˇ Photos ˇ Cast ˇ Storyline ˇ Did You Know? ˇ User Reviews ˇ Frequently Asked Questions ˇ Details ˇ Contribute to This Page. Stars: Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs
Piper ends up in a coma after a vicious demon attack and her spirit is stuck in the cosmic void between life and death. Moreover, she is surprised to find Cole ...
A page for describing Recap: Charmed S7E16 The Seven Year Witch. It is time for Leo's judgement. The Elders impose a test on him to determine whether to ...
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Jan 2, 2012 ˇ Charmed is the sole ownerI DO NOT OWN THIS.Duration: 41:33 Posted: Jan 2, 2012
As punishment for helping the Avatars, Leo (Brian Krause) has his memory wiped clean and sent back into the world to start helping people all over again.
Charmed: 7x16. The Seven Year Witch. Piper is attacked by demons and winds up in a coma, and as she hovers between life and death, ...
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Apr 10, 2005 ˇ S7:E16. The Seven Year Witch. Air Date: April 10, 2005. tbd. S7:E15. Show Ghouls. Air Date ...Posted: Apr 10, 2005
Charmed France. Charmed France. 11 subscribers. Subscribe. Charmed - Promo S7E16 The Seven Year Witch. Show less Show more ...

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Episode Guide for Charmed 7x16: The Seven Year Witch. Episode summary, trailer and screencaps; guest stars and main cast list; and more.

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