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5 days ago · Duchy) Brunsvig; brunt n (worst part or chief impact) (la precipua) shoko, ... acid karbatacido; carboniferous (containing carbon) karbonoza; Carbonaro n (hist.) ... (modify) modifikar; (transform) transformar; the prince was changed into a frog la princo ... episkop-aro; (diocese) diocezo; (bishopric) episkop-io; episode epizodo  ...
Jan 1, 2021 · pasiono; affect vt (feign) afectationer; sìmuler; (have an effect on) afecter; ( impinge ... Carbonaro; carboy n damijano; carbuncle n (med., min.) ... the prince was changed into a frog la príncipo esin transformifita ad on rano; (exchange) ... to be concluded finuta en la próxima episodio | [formally settled] conclusita; conclusive ...
8 days ago · ... carbonarism carbonarist carbonaro carbonatation carbonate carbonated ... effaceable effacement effacer effat effdee effect effected effectenbank effecter effectful ... episiostenosis episiotomy episkeletal episkotister episocal episodal episode ... froelich froendel froeningen froeschel froeum frog frogbit frogdesign frogeater ...
8 days ago · Episode Breakdown. Lie to Me TV ... He also confronts his past in hallucinations in which he reminisces with his late mother and confronts his father. Lie to Me ...