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What happened to Ashley Ellerin?
Ellerin was a 22-year-old fashion design student. The two were casual acquaintances with mutual friends, but both were newly single and planning to go out together the night Ellerin was killed.
When did Ashley Ellerin die?
February 21, 2001
Ashley Ellerin / Date of death
How did Ashton Kutcher meet Ashley Ellerin?
Kutcher said he and Ellerin were friends; they met about two months before her death at a friend's birthday party. He introduced her to one of his friends, and they started dating.
Is Michael Gargiulo married?
Ana Luz Gonzalez
Michael Gargiulo / Spouse
On February 21, 2001, he stabbed Ashley Ellerin 47 times to death in her home in Hollywood. Ellerin's injuries included a neck wound that nearly severed her ... Cleophus Prince Jr. · Andrew Urdiales · Glenview, Illinois
May 30, 2019 · On the night of Feb. 21, 2001, “That '70s Show” star Ashton Kutcher readied himself for a date with a new love interest – 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin. Later that evening, Ashley was brutally murdered in her Los Angeles residence by a suspected serial killer who would go un-caught for years.
Mar 25, 2020 · His most infamous victim was Ashley Ellerin, who was was just 22 when she was stabbed 47 times in her Hollywood home. The night she was ...
Aug 8, 2019 · In the case of Ashley Ellerin, who was killed in her Hollywood home in 2001, he said the testimony of Kutcher, who testified in the early days of ...
May 3, 2019 · Michael Gargiulo is accused of murdering 3 women, including 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin, who was friends with Hollywood actor Ashton ...
May 31, 2019 · ASHTON Kutcher broke down in court and admitted he was “hours” late picking up his girlfriend ...Duration: 1:38
Posted: May 31, 2019
May 31, 2019 · Who was Ashley Ellerin and what is her connection to Ashton Kutcher? Ashley was a 22-year-old fashion student from north California who was ...
May 30, 2019 · Prosecutors stated that, on the night of Feb. 21, 2001, Ashley Ellerin had just gotten out of the shower and was about to get ready for a night out ...
Ashley Ellerin · The Most Gruesome True Crime Stories Of 2019 · Left Ashley Ellerin ,Ashton Kutcher's former girlfriend and a mom of four, Ashton Kutcher.
Ashley Ellerin. Los Angeles jury recommends death penalty for the 'Hollywood Ripper' · CNN VideoLOS ANGELES (CNN) - A jury has recommended the death  ...