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Feb 1, 2013 · To return briefly to that “just another episode” label. The 30 Rock finale was just another episode of more gags per minute than any other sitcom, ...
Rating · Review by Roth Cornet
Feb 1, 2013 · The series finale of 30 Rock provides a perfect, hilarious and perfectly hilarious end for all.
Jan 31, 2013 · Did the season finale of Tina Fey's comedy series '30 Rock' bring a satisfying and hilarious conclusion?
"Series finale review: '30 Rock' - 'Hogcock!/Last Lunch': The urgent return of the Rural Juror". HitFix. Retrieved February 2, 2013. ^ Cornet, Roth (January 31, ...

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Why did 30 Rock end?
Rolling Stone's Most Recent Stories. Alec Baldwin was ready to leave 30 Rock after its fifth season because he thought the show was in a creative decline. “It was the low point,” he tells Rolling Stone Senior Writer Brian Hiatt in our new cover story, on newsstands Friday, January 18th.
What happens at the end of 30 Rock?
The finale of 30 Rock would not have been complete without some Lutz hatred. It just so happened that he was the lunch picker for the day, and wanted Blimpie's. ... Once 5 p.m. rolled around, Liz took matters into her own hands: She locked Lutz into her office and ordered non-Blimpie's food.
Who does Jack end up with in 30 Rock?
Jack Donaghy
Bianca (ex-wife) Phoebe (ex-fiancée) Liz Lemon (ex-wife, annulled) Avery Jessup (ex-wife)
Elizabeth "Liddy" Donaghy (born February 9, 2011) with Avery Jessup
nominally Irish Catholic; Capitalism in actual faith
What is the best episode of 30 Rock?

But if you don't have time to watch all 138 episodes, here are the top 30 of “30 Rock” — ranked.

“Black Tie” ...
“The Bubble” ...
“Rosemary's Baby” ...
“Don Geiss, America and Hope” ...
“Reunion” ...
“Queen of Jordan” Photo : Courtesy of NBC. ...
“Sandwich Day” Photo : Courtesy of NBC. ...
“MILF Island” Photo : Courtesy of NBC.
'30 Rock' Best Episodes Ranked - Variety > lists > 30-rock-best-episodes-ranking
Jan 31, 2013 · Email. Tina Fey's 30 ROCK left the building very much the way it entered 7 years ago: with a million gags (at least ten thousand of them meta), ...
Jan 31, 2013 · Just a few thoughts on the 30 Rock season finale: I'll keep this short - there have been thousands upon thousands of words written about Liz ...
Jan 31, 2013 · Spoilers for the series finale of 30 Rock below: If you had asked me to describe 30 Rock back when it debuted in 2006--or really, most any time ...
Feb 1, 2013 · It's really hard to review finales since you go into them with such a personal connection, but we really think that Tina Fey and Robert Carlock ...
Feb 1, 2013 · 30 Rock is officially on its way to TV heaven. Luckily, the hour-long finale episode ended up being the perfect sendoff for one of TV's smartest ...

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