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Dr. Drew Baird is a pediatrician and is Liz's neighbor. He first appeared in season 3, when Liz accidentally got his mail, eventually reading it and deciding he ...
The Bubble (30 Rock) ˇ Jon Hamm as Drew Baird ˇ Calvin Klein as himself ˇ Bobb' e J. Thompson as Tracy Jr. ˇ Meredith Vieira as herself ˇ Godfrey as Rick. Plot ˇ Production ˇ Cultural references ˇ Reception
30 Rock is an American television comedy series created by Tina Fey, which aired on NBC. ... 3.1 Dennis Duffy; 3.2 Floyd DeBarber; 3.3 Drew Baird; 3.4 Wesley Snipes; 3.5 Astronaut Mike Dexter; 3.6 Carol Burnett; 3.7 Criss Chros; 3.8 Liz's ... Main characters ˇ Recurring GE/NBC ...
Aug 22, 2020 ˇ 30 Rock's Liz Lemon did not have the best track record when it came to dating. Was Dennis Duffy or Drew Baird Liz's worst boyfriend?

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30 Rock (2006–2013) ... Dr. Drew Baird ... In an homage to "30 Rock," the 15th episode of the third season of Parks and Recreation (2009) is also titled "The ...
30 Rock (TV Series 2006–2013) Jon Hamm as Dr. Drew Baird, Abner, David Brinkley (East Coast only)
Drew Baird, and Jenna is cast as a character loosely based on Janis Joplin. Guest Stars.
Jun 23, 2020 ˇ Drew Baird, a handsome, dim-witted doctor. In a cutaway shot, it is shown that Hamm has lost both of his hands and then gets a hand transplant ...
Character Guide for 30 Rock's Dr. Drew Baird. Includes character biography, gallery, and a complete list of episode appearances.

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