Drew Baird is a pediatrician and is Liz's neighbor. He first appeared in season 3, when Liz accidentally got his mail, eventually reading it and deciding he was perfect for her, leading her to create a false persona in order to make him like her. ... Liz tells Drew this later in the episode.
The Bubble (30 Rock) · Jon Hamm as Drew Baird · Calvin Klein as himself · Bobb' e J. Thompson as Tracy Jr. · Meredith Vieira as herself · Godfrey as Rick. Plot · Production · Cultural references · Reception Episode no: Season 3; Episode 15 Original air date: March 19, 2009 Written by: Tina Fey
Dr. Andrew "Drew" Baird (Jon Hamm) is a pediatrician and Liz's very handsome neighbor. He graduated from Columbia University ... Main characters · Recurring GE/NBC ... · Liz's love interests Program creators: Tina Fey

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Drew Baird: Actually they used footage of me from high school swim team to draw Prince Eric. Liz Lemon: Right, because of that you live in a bubble where people  ... Release Date: 19 March 2009 (USA) Stars: Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski Company Credits: Production Co Writers: Tina Fey (created by), Tina Fey | 3 more credits
Aug 22, 2020 · 30 Rock's Liz Lemon did not have the best track record when it came to dating. Was Dennis Duffy or Drew Baird Liz's worst boyfriend?
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Jul 16, 2020 · Stream full seasons on Peacock: Season 3, Episode 15 "The Bubble ...Duration: 5:21 Posted: Jul 16, 2020
Drew Baird, and Jenna is cast as a character loosely based on Janis Joplin. Guest Stars.
Dec 13, 2020 · '30 Rock': Jon Hamm Almost Played an Iconic Character on the Show ... For seven episodes, beginning in season 3, Hamm played Dr. Drew ...

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