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Learn to pronounce ex·er·cise

  1. activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.
    "exercise improves your heart and lung power"
    synonyms: physical activity, movement, exertion, effort, work, a workout, training, drilling, gymnastics, sports, games, PE (physical education), PT (physical training), aerobics, step aerobics, jogging, running, circuit training, aquarobics, calisthenics, isometrics, eurhythmics, keep-fit, dancercise, bodybuilding, physical jerks, one's daily dozen, boxercise
  2. a process or activity carried out for a specific purpose, especially one concerned with a specified area or skill.
    "an exercise in public relations"
  3. the use or application of a faculty, right, or process.
    "the free exercise of religion"
    synonyms: use, utilization, employment, practice, putting into practice, application, operation, exertion, performance, implementation, discharge, accomplishment

  1. use or apply (a faculty, right, or process).
    "control is exercised by the Board"
    synonyms: use, employ, make use of, utilize, avail oneself of, put to use, practice, apply, bring to bear, bring into play, implement, exert, wield
  2. engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness; take exercise.
    "she still exercised every day"
    synonyms: work out, do exercises, keep fit, train, drill, engage in physical activity, pump iron
  3. occupy the thoughts of; worry or perplex.
    "the knowledge that a larger margin was possible still exercised him"
    synonyms: worry, trouble, concern, make anxious, bother, disturb, perturb, perplex, puzzle, distress, occupy someone's thoughts, preoccupy, prey on someone's mind, gnaw at, lie heavy on, burden, make uneasy, agitate, bug, do someone's head in, pother

Aug 5, 2020 · exercise verb (DO HEALTHY ACTIVITY) to do physical activities to make your body strong and healthy: ... A work-out in the gym will exercise all the major muscle groups.

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