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The Jeremy Kyle Show
2011 ‧ Talk-show ‧ 2 saisons
5.3/10 · IMDb
Premier épisode: 19 septembre 2011
Épisode final: mai 2013
Présenté par: Jeremy Kyle
Genre: Télé poubelle
Langue: Anglais
S02 E150 · Episode 150
13 sept. 2013
S02 E149 · Episode 149
12 sept. 2013
S02 E148 · Episode 148
11 sept. 2013
S02 E147 · Episode 147
10 sept. 2013
S02 E146 · Episode 146
9 sept. 2013
S02 E145 · The Father of Your Unborn Baby Is a Deadbeat!; If the Baby Is Not Mine, the Relationship Is Over!
26 juil. 2013
S02 E144 · I Slept With Two Cousins ... Which One Is the Dad?; My Ex Wants Money for a Baby She Says Is Not Mine
25 juil. 2013
S02 E143 · You Got Me Pregnant When I Was 13 Years Old
19 juil. 2013
S02 E142 · I Hope You're Not the Father of My Twin Babies; How Can I Know I'm the Father to Your Twins When You Slept With All My Friends?
12 juil. 2013
S02 E141 · Start Letting My Ex Be a Dad to Our Son!; Are You Cheating on Me While I'm Pregnant With Your Child?; I'm Working on Cars, Not Other Women
5 juil. 2013
S02 E140 · You Left Me for Another Woman, Now You Refuse to See Your Children; My Mother Made My Rapist Babysit Me
22 mai 2013
S02 E139 · How Could My Mom Punch Me While I Was Pregnant?; I'll Prove All Three of My Children Are Yours
21 mai 2013
S02 E138 · We Only Get Back Together if We Pass the Lie Detector Test; Should I Stay With a Woman That Beats Me?
20 mai 2013
S02 E137 · How Can You Steal From Our Baby?; I Want to Dump Your Mom and Marry Your Fiancee
17 mai 2013
S02 E136 · You Forged the DNA Test: How Can I Believe Your Daughter Is Mine?; I Hope My Husband Cheated, Because I Cheated in Revenge
16 mai 2013
S02 E135 · Why Are You Texting Other Men if You're Not Cheating? The Lie-Detector Results!; Dump Our Mom and Get Out of Our Lives
15 mai 2013
S02 E134 · You Got Me Pregnant at 14, Then Abandoned Me and Our Son; Why Are You Texting Other Men if You're Not Cheating?
14 mai 2013
S02 E133 · Is This America's Worst Father?
13 mai 2013
S02 E132 · I Won't Let You See Your Sons if You're Still Dealing Drugs
10 mai 2013
S02 E131 · Stop Beating My Sister!
9 mai 2013
S02 E130 · I Trap Men by Getting Pregnant!
8 mai 2013
S02 E129 · My Mother Let Me Be a Teenage Prostitute
7 mai 2013
S02 E128 · My Daughter Invited Pedophiles to Our House
6 mai 2013
S02 E127 · If I'm the Dad, Stop Pretending Your Baby Is White!
3 mai 2013
S02 E126 · Is My 16-Year-Old Having Sex for Drugs and Money?
2 mai 2013
S02 E125 · Accept You're My Baby's Dad and Give Me a Divorce
1 mai 2013
S02 E124 · I Proved You're a Prostitute, Now Prove Your Child Is Mine!
30 avr. 2013
S02 E123 · I Won't Let You See Your Son Until You Give Me Money!
29 avr. 2013
S02 E122 · I'll Prove You're on Drugs, Then You Won't See Your Baby Again!
26 avr. 2013
S02 E121 · My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me With His Wife!
25 avr. 2013
S02 E120 · My Brother Has Been Tricked Before, but This Baby Is His!
24 avr. 2013
S02 E119 · You've Had Sex With All My Sons ... None of Them Are Your Baby's Father!
23 avr. 2013
S02 E118 · Second Chance: You Must Go to Rehab!
22 avr. 2013
S02 E117 · How Could My Mother Try to Drown Me?
19 avr. 2013
S02 E116 · You've Chosen Your New Family Over Our 10-Year-Old Son!
18 avr. 2013
S02 E115 · I'll Admit I Slept With 3 Men, but I'll Prove My Husband's the Father!
17 avr. 2013
S02 E114 · I'll Prove the Child You Abused Is Really Your Son!
16 avr. 2013
S02 E113 · Have You Given My Daughter HIV?
15 avr. 2013
S02 E112 · I Hope My Fiance Is the Father ... Not Your Husband
12 avr. 2013
S02 E111 · I'm Sorry I Had Sex With Your Brother: Please Take Me Back!
9 avr. 2013
S02 E110 · Explain to Your Daughter Why You Chose Drugs Over Her!
8 avr. 2013
S02 E109 · Best of The Jeremy Kyle Show Season 2
28 févr. 2013
S02 E108 · Mom, It's Your Fault My 6 Kids Are in Foster Care!
27 févr. 2013
S02 E107 · Will I Ever Find Out Who the Father of My Baby Is?
26 févr. 2013
S02 E106 · The Wedding's off if You Slept With My Friend!
25 févr. 2013
S02 E105 · If You Cheated, You'll Lose Your Family!
22 févr. 2013
S02 E104 · Why Would Your Mother Say I'm Not the Dad When You Say I Am?
21 févr. 2013
S02 E103 · Stopped From Seeing All My Children ... I'm Not a Bad Dad!
20 févr. 2013
S02 E102 · Go Back to Rehab and Get Your Four Children Back!
19 févr. 2013
S02 E101 · I Don't Make My Ex Pay to See His Kid!
18 févr. 2013
S02 E100 · I'll Prove My Mother Knew I Was Being Abused
15 févr. 2013

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