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I shy away from all their compliments Feel awkward when I receive praise Deep down I know I dont deserve it It's only Your grace So I come to You and I bow ...
The answer is that you heap invective on yourselves and you deserve it. europarl ... permission to take a few shortcuts - you deserve it.
Many translated example sentences containing "because you deserve it" – French-English dictionary and ... promote each and every one of you because you all deserve it. ... take care of these people because they need it and deserve it.
The impulse originated by this transit acts like a flood, sweeping away all the ... to send everybody to hell not only you senior managers (who maybe deserve it. ... If it is the case (you'll judge it) you may take some sedative, be it natural or a pill.
After all, when it comes to your future financial security, you deserve the best. ... delays and get compensation to all those who deserve it, I will applaud his efforts  ...
Every conscript takes in his cartridge-box a marshal's staff To oblige me to run about the streets in a pelting rain ! ....that is shocking ! ... For all you can say and do, I will not yield. Though your modesty struggles against it, you deserve the prize.
Stanley cannot longer accept his protection , or encroach upon his hospitality. She trusts that he will not consider it as anywant of respect, that she has resolved to ... with gratitude, while I pray that you may be happynhappy as you deserve to be. ... I have been all weakness, and must now be miserable; but wicked I will not  ...
So let me take it, take it all the way. With my heart on my sleeve. In all honesty. There's something that I gotta gotta say. Maybe I don't deserve it. But I'll give you  ...
I'm a put you on my shoulders, let me give you what's in store. Girl, you deserve it, all the time you been servin' Away from the realest nigga in it, I'm a take you ...
Man , I , adopt you for my companion, you deserve that place. ... it replied with a fierce disdainful tone ; — , I labours you insult me l - what do you take - me for ?