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Private papers, letters, and journals shed new light on Kennedy family relationships and underlie an account of Robert Kennedy's private and public lives, the ...
Retrouvez Robert Kennedy and His Times: 40th Anniversary Edition et des ... us through the twists and turns (there are many) in Kennedy's tumultuous life.
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. put together a great biography of Robert Kennedy's life, from his personal quest for identity, to his passion, concern and vulnerability.
ROBERT KENNEDY AND HIS TIMES is "a picture of a deeply compassionate man ... A not unexpectedly sycophantic account from one of the Kennedys' most ...
Robert Kennedy and His Times (Anglais) Livre de grande diffusion – 12 janvier 1985 ... Mass Market Paperback; Éditeur: Ballantine Books; Reissue édition (12 ... This book is still considered the definative biography on Kennedy's life, and I ...
Find Robert Kennedy and His Times by Schlesinger Jr, Arthur Meier at Biblio. ... by Arthur M Schlesinger Jr. Published by Houghton Mifflin Co, Boston, MA, 1978. ... to His Times, is as important as the treatment of Mr. Kennedy's own character.
1990 : The Kennedys of Massachusetts : Robert (12-15) (Série TV) ... 2007 : L' Assassinat : Robert Ford ... 1984 : Robert Kennedy and His Times - Téléfilm.
Massachusetts Senator Edward M Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy widow of Robert F ... Jack Warden for the television miniseries Robert Kennedy and His Times ...
Dallek reveals the thinking behind Robert Kennedy's appointment as Attorney ... nice job of balancing both President Kennedy's pre-presidential life (his time at .