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Old Wore Out Cowboy

Titre d'Ed Bruce
Artiste: Ed Bruce
Date de sortie: 1978
Genre: Country
Ed Bruce (William Edwin "Ed" Bruce, Jr.) Paroles de « Old Wore Out Cowboy »: / ( REF:) / There must be someplace for old wore out cowboys / and broke...
Rating (2)
B1, Old Wore Out Cowboy, 3:33. B2, The Man That Turned My Mama On, 3:11. B3, He Brings Your Memory Back Again, 2:35. B4, Miracle Express, 3:10.
Old Wore Out Cowboy. 7. Ecouter The Man That Turned My Mama On. The Man That Turned My Mama On. 8. Ecouter He Brings Your Memory Back Again.
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Écoutez des chansons intégrales de Cowboys & Dreamers de Ed Bruce sur ... Cowboys & Dreamers. Ed Bruce. Écouter sur Napster ... Old Wore Out Cowboy.
16. Old Wore Out Cowboy. 17. The Man That Turned My Mama On. 18. He Brings Your Memory Back Again. 19. Miracle Express. 20. Give My Old Memory A Call ...
Cowboys & Dreamers | Ed Bruce. Streamez en ... Old Wore Out Cowboy. Acheter 00:03:38 ... Ed Bruce Live From Church Street Station Ed Bruce. Dans la même ...
Ed Bruce Ed Bruce (1980) MCA-3242 1.) Diane 2.) Last Thing She Said 3.) Last Cowboy Song 4.) Red Doggin' Again | 5.) Love Ain't Something I Can Do Alone ...
... The greatest love song, Kentucky boy, california man, The family, The man that turned my mama on, Old wore out cowboy, You just can't see him from the road ...