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dealing and the sweating, online gaming was his main source of income to fund business school. This was just a game, a strategy game. It was time to ... Let's show them something of this new world of ours! We can take a ... I shake my head .
... know : Twas mine to teach obedience still— The way to love, thy lord may show." VIII. Insilence bow'd the virgin's head ; Andifher eye was fill'd with ... his Pacha's turban'd band Mix in the game of mimic slaughter, Careering cleave the folded felt 7 With sabre stroke right sharply dealt; Nor mark'd the javelin-darting crowd, ...
We should learn a good deal about Rosenthal tanks at least. Kit, where does all this leave us? — Tell us your side of the game and then I'll answer that question. ... God knows why, but they've been leaving clues all over the place to show how ... I'm not sure I want to put my head in the tiger's jaws, said Max, wondering ...
Sometimes to call a minister my friend, I was not born for courts ofgreat affairs : I pay ... Can sleep without a poem in my head, Nor know if Dennis be alive or dead . ... an author's honest fame : Who can your merit selfishly approve, And show the ... well-bred spaniels civilly delight In mumbling of the game they dare not bite.
Les coups à la tête sont dangereux, blours on the head are ... there was so much game at market that it sold for nothing at all. ll me faut pas se jeter à la tête des ... to act with prudence, wisdom or discretion, to show onc's wisdom or.judgment.
shall I, thus qualified to sit For rotten boroughs, never show my wit? ... By the by, it is a good deal beneath Scott and Campbell, and not much above Southcy, ... Such are the genial feelings thou canst claimMy falcon flies not at ignoble game. ... some great good was to accrue, provided one or both were knocked on the head.
... ne va pas avec it doesn't matter ce n'est pas grave What's the matter with you? ... fun marrant(e)(s) funny drôle(s), rigolo(s) game show le jeu télévisé garage le ... il faut he (is called Jean) il (s'appelle Jean) head la tête I've got a headache j'ai ... glace ice rink la patinoire idea une idée idea aucune idée ideal idéal(e) if si ill  ...
In January 2014, she participated at the game show Qui veut gagner des millions ? in duet with Gilles ... I've got the Jeopardy! theme song stuck in my head.
Many translated example sentences containing "keep head in the game" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations.
team who won the head-to-head game between the teams [...] involved will ... couple mistakes but I kept my head in the game and I was determined not to let go.