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Learn to pronounce scare

cause great fear or nervousness in; frighten.
"I was scared stiff"
synonyms: frighten, make afraid, make fearful, make nervous, panic, throw into a panic, terrify, petrify, scare/frighten to death, scare stiff, scare witless, scare/frighten the life out of, scare the hell out of, strike terror into, fill with fear, put the fear of God into, give someone goose pimples, make someone's blood run cold, chill someone's blood, send into a cold sweat, startle, alarm, give someone a fright, give someone a turn, shock, appall, horrify, intimidate, daunt, unnerve, scare the pants off, scarify, make someone's hair curl, throw into a blue funk, put the wind up, scare the bejesus out of, spook, fright, affright, scare shitless, scare the shit out of

a sudden attack of fright.
"gosh, that gave me a scare!"
synonyms: fright, shock, start, turn, jump, the heebie-jeebies

Apr 28, 2021 · scare - traduire en français avec le dictionnaire Anglais-Français - Cambridge Dictionary.
Apr 28, 2021 · scared définition, signification, ce qu'est scared: 1. frightened or worried: 2. frightened or worried: 3. feeling frightened: . En savoir plus.

People also ask

What is the definition of scare?
: to frighten especially suddenly : alarm. intransitive verb. : to become scared. scare.
What is the full meaning of scared?
: thrown into or being in a state of fear, fright, or panic scared of snakes scared to go out.
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