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Superstore: Saison 5, Épisode 2
Émission: Superstore
Première diffusion: 3 octobre 2019
Épisode précédent: Cloud 9.0
Prochain épisode: Forced Hire

People also ask

Did Jonah and Amy hook up on superstore?
Superstore fans have been able to rejoice about a very important issue since the beginning of this season. Will-they-or-won't-they couple Amy and Jonah were finally revealed to be dating at the end of the Season 4 premiere.
Is superstore shot in a real store?
No, 'Superstore' is not actually filmed at a real big-box store. Well, except the pilot episode and one other, but more on that later. Currently, 'Superstore' is filmed entirely at Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles in California, United States.
Is superstore discontinued?
NBC announced Friday that America Ferrera will leave the critically acclaimed comedy "Superstore" (Thursdays, 8 EST/PST) at the end of the series' current season April 18.
Is superstore filmed in a Walmart?
'Superstore' filmed the pilot inside a K-Mart While most fans and critics speculate Walmart inspired Cloud 9, the Superstore production team filmed the pilot of the show inside a K-Mart. The store's real-life employees remodeled the store to appear like the fictional Cloud 9.
Oct 3, 2019 · Title, : Superstore. Genre, : Comedy. Air Date, : 2019-10-03. Season Number, : 5. Episodes Number, : 2. Overview, : Amy attempts to gather ...
Oct 4, 2019 · Superstore Season 5 Episode 2 : Testimonials. Amy attempts to gather glowing character testimony for Mateo's immigration lawyer, but comes ...
Jun 16, 2020 · Superstore - S05E02 - Testimonials. Superstore 05x02 : Testimonials- Seriesaddict. Titre VO : Testimonials; Titre VF : (N/A); Saison : 5; Episode ...
Rating (99)
Testimonials. 3 octobre 2019 1K membres. Amy tente de rassembler des témoignages de caractère élogieux pour l'avocat en droit de l'immigration de Mateo, ...
Rating (3)
Testimonials. S05E02 - Testimonials. Forced Hire. S05E03 - Forced Hire. Mall Closing. S05E04 - Mall Closing. Self-Care. S05E05 - Self-Care. Trick Or Treat.
Superstore Season 5 Episode 2 [[Official - NBC HD]] "Testimonials". October 3 2019. This page could not be found. Back to the home page · Nuxt.js ...
S05E02 Testimonials. Amy tente de rassembler des témoignages de caractère élogieux pour l'avocat en droit de l'immigration de Mateo, mais manque de ...
Superstore. Saison 5. 20207+. A look at the lives of employees at a big box ... Testimonials. Ce programme est temporairement indisponible. 3 octobre 2019.
America Ferrera ("Ugly Betty") and Ben Feldman ("Mad Men," "A to Z") star on the hilarious workplace comedy "Superstore," about a unique family of employees ...
Video for Superstore S5E2
Oct 4, 2019 · Superstore s05e02. Titre original : Testimonials. Amy tente de rassembler des témoignages de ...Posted: Oct 4, 2019