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1998 ‧ Drame ‧ 6 saisons
6.6/10 · IMDb
Dawson vit paisiblement à Capeside avec ses amis d'enfance Joey et Pacey. L'arrivée de Jen va faire basculer la petite vie tranquille du trio. Face aux problèmes de leur temps, ces adolescents vont apprendre à s'entraider.
Premier épisode: 20 janvier 1998
Épisode final: 14 mai 2003
Titre original: I Don't Want to Wait
Film location: Wilmington
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People also ask

Who did Dawson lose his virginity to?
Instead Dawson is reunited with his old girlfriend, Jen Lindley. During their trip to the Hookset Film Festival in New Hampshire, Dawson loses his virginity to Jen.
Is Dawson's Creek based on a true story?
LISTEN: The Binge host Laura Brodnik explains the beautiful true story behind the iconic TV show that is Dawson's Creek. Yep, once upon a time there was a real Dawson, a real Joey, a real Pacey and even a real-life Dawson's Creek. It's all based on creator Kevin Williamson's own teenage years.
Does Dawson and Joey ever sleep together?
Joey also briefly reunited with Dawson when the two finally had sex in the sixth and final season. But it was Pacey who ultimately won her heart in the series finale.
Which episode do Joey and Pacey sleep together?
"True Love" (Season 3, episode 23) There was the milestone scene where Jack kissed Ethan in what was primetime television's first gay male kiss. But most memorable moment of the episode is when Joey finally chooses to be with Pacey (does it get more romantic than the Ask Me to Stay wall?).
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