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Tucson (/ˈtu.sɑn/) est une ville américaine, au deuxième rang des villes les plus peuplées de l'État de l'Arizona après sa capitale, Phoenix. La ville se situe à ... Histoire · Climat · Culture · Transports Altitude: 728 m Surface en eau: 0,14 % Superficie: 588,02 km2 (2010) Comté: comté de Pima
La ville de Tucson, située à une centaine de kilomètres de la frontière mexicaine, a ainsi accueilli d'importants flux migratoires. En 2010, l'État de l'Arizona avait ... Histoire · Subdivisions administratives · Démographie · Politique Sceau de l'Arizona: Drapeau de l'Arizona Ville la plus peuplée: Phoenix Population: 7 278 717 hab. (2019) Nombre de représentants: 9
Aug 15, 2020 · South Tucson est une ville du comté de Pima , en Arizona , aux États-Unis et une enclave de la ville beaucoup plus grande de Tucson . South ...
La région de Tucson a probablement été visitée pour la première fois par des Paléo-Indiens , qui se trouvaient dans le sud de l'Arizona il y a environ 12 000 ans ...

People also ask

Is Tucson AZ a safe city?
If you are looking for a safe neighborhood with low rates of crime in which to buy a house, the city of Tucson certainly never disappoints. But it should be noted that, while the city's crime levels have generally been dropping consistently over the years, not every suburb of it is safe.
What is Tucson Arizona famous for?
Plus, with a thriving visual and performing arts scene and respected galleries and museums, Tucson's vibrant multicultural heritage shines. Famous for its dramatic beauty, the Sonoran Desert covers this region with spectacular cacti – including the giant saguaro, a symbol of the American Southwest.
Is Phoenix better than Tucson?
Phoenix is much bigger, has a freeway system, and has all of the benefits and problems of a big city. Tucson is much smaller, no freeways other than the 10, and has some interesting things to do but not quite as much variety as Phoenix. It's a college town, so there is that vibe.
Which is hotter Phoenix or Tucson?
Phoenix's lower elevation (about 1,300 feet) usually outweighs Tucson's slightly more southern latitude when it comes to temperatures. As a result, the average high temperature for the year for Phoenix is 86.6 degrees compared to 83.1 degrees for Tucson.
... Sunset.jpg, The silhouette of a large saguaro stands at sunset in Saguaro National Park on the east side of Tucson, Arizona. ... Utilisation sur bo.wikipedia. org.
Born: January 24, 1875; Fresno, California, United States; Died: November 11, 1946; Tucson, Arizona, United ...
May 23, 2016 · Le Guide Wiki de Tucson vous montre tous les endroits à Tucson, Arizona qui ont une page Wikipedia. Affichez les emplacements sur une ...
May 23, 2016 · Le Guide Wiki de Tucson vous montre tous les endroits à Tucson, Arizona qui ont une page Wikipedia. Affichez les emplacements sur une ...
Mountain Lion (Puma) in the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona. ... been available on en:wikipedia and subsequently Commons for some time.

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