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Our Friends in the North is a British television drama serial produced by the BBC. ... Nicky's girlfriend Mary (Gina McKee) is also unhappy with his lack of attention and they drift apart. Tosker takes advantage of the situation and successfully ... List of Our Friends in the North ... · Peter Flannery · Tracey Wilkinson · Freda Dowie
Jan 13, 2021 · Our Friends in the North first aired on the BBC 25 years ago. ... "Starring Christopher Eccleston, Daniel Craig, Mark Strong, Gina McKee.
Rating (1,561)
With Christopher Eccleston, Mark Strong, Gina McKee, Daniel Craig. A nine part series depicting the varying fortunes of four friends, Nicky, Geordie, Mary, and ...
Jan 20, 2021 · An incredible cast – from Daniel Craig to Gina McKee – and Shakespearean narrative add up to make a modern classic.
Starring Christopher Eccleston, Gina McKee, and a young Daniel Craig, among others in a lengthy and brilliant cast, "Our Friends in the North" follows the ...
Our Friends in the North - Complete Series - 3-DVD Box Set [ NON-USA FORMAT, ... Gina McKee and Daniel Craig star in one of the BBC s finest contemporary ...
Jan 13, 2017 · And what a principal cast it was. Christopher Eccleston, Mark Strong, Gina McKee and Daniel Craig – all relative unknowns at the time, yet ...
Video for Our Friends in the North gina mckee
Sep 29, 2010 · With a cast includes: Christopher Eccleston, Daniel Craig, Gina McKee and Mark Strong among ...Duration: 2:33 Posted: Sep 29, 2010

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Singing cast (regular). Mark Strong - Terry "Tosker" Cox. Notable non-singing cast. Christopher Eccleston - Dominic "Nicky" Hutchinson; Gina McKee - Mary ...
Jul 1, 2016 · Our Friends made stars of its four leads, Christopher Eccleston, Mark Strong, Daniel Craig and Gina McKee. Of the four, Eccleston was by far ...