The Waldo Moment

Black Mirror: Season 2, Episode 3
Meet Waldo, a CGI blue bear from a children's educational TV show who in reality is an anarchic character on a satirical late-night topical comedy show. When the channel decide they would like to give Waldo his own pilot, the production company...
Air date: February 25, 2013
Previous episode: White Bear
Next episode: White Christmas
Written by: Charlie Brooker
Director: Bryn Higgins

"The Waldo Moment" is the third and final episode in the second series of the British science fiction anthology television series Black Mirror. It was written by ... Plot · Production · Analysis · Reception Episode no: Series 2; Episode 3 Original air date: 25 February 2013 Written by: Charlie Brooker Directed by: Bryn Higgins

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Rating (34,365)
Directed by Bryn Higgins. With Daniel Rigby, Chloe Pirrie, Jason Flemyng, Tobias Menzies. A failed comedian who voices a popular cartoon bear named Waldo ... Full Cast & Crew · Jeff Carter · Gwendolyn Harris · Christina Chong Filming Locations: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, UK Runtime: 43 min Company Credits: Production Co Director: Bryn Higgins
Jan 5, 2018 · Americans elected Donald Trump as their president, but in “The Waldo Moment” the Trump-like central figure actually loses to a Conservative ...
'Black Mirror' Study Guide: The Waldo Moment · This lackluster 2013 episodes seems prophetic in retrospect, painting a picture where politics becomes a ...
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Feb 20, 2013 · Waldo publicly teases Mr Monroe... Find out more: programmes/black-mirror/Duration: 4:58 Posted: Feb 20, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 · After the nightmare of “White Bear,” I fired up the last episode of Black Mirror's second season fearing further trauma and was relieved to find ...
Black Mirror is a show that challenges us to reappraise our world, and "The Waldo Moment" urges us to be wary of giving our power away to people who say the ...
Feb 25, 2013 · The Waldo Moment is the third episode of the second season. It was written by Charlie Brooker, and was released on February 25, 2013. Episode: 3 Season: 2 Air date: February 25th, 2013 Writer: Charlie Brooker

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