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4 days ago · I did not understand the whole story till the actual final episode. It was such a convoluted story that I really did not expect a satisfying ending. But I was wrong, the ...
1 day ago · A while back i listened to an episode of an audio drama where a man goes to a small town and there are two opposing cults in it ... 10 hours ago ... and you see very little of the conflict because you are with the outsider and not one of the cults.
4 days ago · Most people have seen or have heard of The Outsiders. For those that ... Every episode is a short film paying homage to various film styles and genres of music.
4 days ago · It's another episode title to add to the list of “great titles of not so great episodes”. Episode 4 - The Power of Three - 6/10. It's fun having Brian back, he was my ...
2 days ago · The Outsider's Doom ( ) is a 5th edition dungeon and urban … ... With an AC of 22, the kobolds will need to roll a 19 or 20 to hit him, giving us a 10% hit rate.
5 days ago · S3 Episodes 15-17 are the only times I've ever not enjoyed a YJ episode. Comparatively, previous seasons would ... 10 comments. share. save. hide. report. 57.
2 days ago · I loved seasons 6-10 but am having troubles with the newer seasons. Does anyone else feel ... Welcome to r/TheNSPDiscussion's weekly episode rate! Detailed ...
5 hours ago · Brion did nothing wrong with killing his uncle. It was really his only choice and how the league immediately turned on him was not cool at all. I know it wasn't him ...
3 days ago · 99 votes, 10 comments. I watched this ... 10 comments. share. save ... Currently on episode 7 :) 4. Reply ... View Entire Discussion (10 Comments). More posts ...
19 hours ago · TikTok is short format so while a 10 minute long of someone making faces and nodding their head would be boring, it can keep people suitably entertained for ...

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