R · 2002 ‧ Thriller/Crime ‧ 1h 46m
6.2/10 · IMDb 17% · Rotten Tomatoes 42% · Metacritic
When Will (Stuart Townsend) and Karen (Charlize Theron) Jennings are held hostage and their daughter is abducted, a relentless plan is set in motion that will challenge everything they took for granted. Joe (Kevin Bacon) and Cheryl (Courtney Love)...
Release date: September 20, 2002 (USA)
Director: Luis Mandoki
Screenplay: Greg Iles
Box office: 13.4 million USD

Rating (22,465)
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Trapped is a 2002 thriller film directed by Luis Mandoki and starring Charlize Theron, Courtney Love, Stuart Townsend, Kevin Bacon, Dakota Fanning and Pruitt ... Plot · Cast · Release Production company: Mandolin Entertainment; Propaganda Films Budget: $30 million Country: United States; Germany Box office: $13.4 million
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Nov 12, 2011 · Based on the novel by Greg Iles, Trapped is a harrowing thriller about a family that turns the ...Duration: 1:56 Posted: Nov 12, 2011
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Jun 25, 2017 · Trapped 2002 Trailer HD | Kevin Bacon | Charlize Theron. 7,840 views7.8K views. • Jun 25, 2017.Duration: 1:57 Posted: Jun 25, 2017
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A mother is caught in a race against time to save her child in this taut suspense thriller. Dr. Will Jennings (Stuart Townsend) and his wife, Karen (Charlize ... Written By: Greg Iles Rating: R (adult situations/language, violence) Trapped: Charlize Theron, Courtney Love, Kevin Bacon, Stuart ... Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; DVD Release Date: December 24, 2002 ...
Sep 21, 2002 · "Trapped" arrives at a moment when the headlines are full of child abductions. ... September 21, 2002, Section B, Page 16Buy Reprints.
Sep 25, 2002 · Trapped. Director: Luis Mandoki Cast: Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon, Stuart Townsend, Courtney Love, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Dakota Fanning US Release Date: 2007-05-08 Cast: Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon, Stuart Townsend, Courtney Love, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Dakota Fanning
Trapped (2002). [ IMDB ]. When a pair of experienced kidnappers (Kevin Bacon and Courtney Love) nab their young daughter, a married couple (Charlize ...
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