The Anderson Tapes

PG · 1971 ‧ Thriller/Crime ‧ 1h 39m
6.4/10 · IMDb 70% · Rotten Tomatoes
John "Duke" Anderson is a burglar (Sean Connery) recently released from prison who returns to his ex-girlfriend (Dyan Cannon) after 10 years to find her living in an expensive New York apartment building as the mistress of a wealthy man. Having...
Initial release: June 17, 1971
Director: Sidney Lumet
Cinematography: Arthur Ornitz
Box office: 5 million USD (US/Canada)

Rating (6,756)
Directed by Sidney Lumet. With Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam, Ralph Meeker. After Duke Anderson is released from prison after ten years for ... Full Cast & Crew · Plot Summary · Trivia · User Reviews
The Anderson Tapes is a 1971 American Technicolor neo noir crime film in Panavision directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Sean Connery and featuring Dyan ... Plot · Cast · Cast notes · Production Based on: The Anderson Tapes; 1970 novel; by Lawrence Sanders Music by: Quincy Jones Budget: $3 million Production company: Robert M. Weitman Productions
Rating (20)
This breathlessly paced high-tech thriller stars Sean Connery as Anderson, a career criminal who's just been released from his latest prison term. Seeking a ...
Jun 30, 1971 · A criminal mastermind gathers about him a handpicked band of experts, with the intention of pulling off an incredibly complicated theft.
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Jan 19, 2014 · A habitual criminal, looking for a big score immediately upon leaving prison, goes to the ...Duration: 1:05 Posted: Jan 19, 2014
Take The Anderson Tapes, a 1971 crime thriller from director Sidney Lumet (Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico) that predicts the pervasive nature of our modern ...
Overview of The Anderson Tapes, 1971, directed by Sidney Lumet, with Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam, at Turner Classic Movies.
Directed by Sidney Lumet • 1971 • United States Starring Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam A prescient vision of the rise of the surveillance state, this  ...
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Cast & Crew. Duke Anderson Sean Connery. Ingrid Everleigh Dyan Cannon. Tommy Haskins Martin Balsam. Delaney Ralph Meeker. Pat Angelo Alan King. The ...