Parting Glances

1986 ‧ Drama/Indie film ‧ 1h 30m
7.2/10 · IMDb 86% · Rotten Tomatoes
As Robert (John Bolger), a successful young gay man, prepares to leave New York City for an extended work assignment abroad, his boyfriend, Michael (Richard Ganoung), must contend with his imminent absence and its effect on their relationship....
Release date: February 19, 1986 (USA)
Director: Bill Sherwood
Screenplay: Bill Sherwood
Distributed by: Cinecom

Parting Glances is a 1986 American drama film. With its realistic look at urban gay life in the Ronald Reagan era and at the height of the AIDS crisis, many film ... Description · Preservation and restoration · Reviews and recognition Release date: February 19, 1986 Directed by: Bill Sherwood Starring: Richard Ganoung; John Bolger; Steve Buscemi; Adam Nathan; Kathy Kinney; Patrick Tull Production company: Rondo Productions
Rating (2,641)
Parting Glances (1986). Not Rated | 1h 30min | Drama, Music, Romance | 19 February 1986 (USA).
Rating (7)
Gay Manhattanite Michael (Richard Ganoung) is the glue that holds together the various vignettes that make up Parting Glances. This bittersweet overview of ... Rating: R (adult situations/language)
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Oct 6, 2014 · Parting Glances Trailer 1986 Director: Bill Sherwood Starring: John Bolger, Richard Ganoung ...Duration: 1:18 Posted: Oct 6, 2014
Parting Glances. Directed by Bill Sherwood • 1986 • United States Starring Richard Ganoung, John Bolger, Steve Buscemi. Groundbreaking in its sensitive,  ...
In early 1986, Parting Glances, a ground-breaker in its depiction of an all-gay world within contempo New York City, is now considered an important film in the  ...
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Parting Glances. (48)IMDb 7.21h 30min198618+. Heroic, funny and romantic, PARTING GLANCES is a triumph for everyone who has ever been in love, straight ...
Feb 19, 1986 · BILL SHERWOOD'S ''Parting Glances'' begins with a passionate reunion between Michael (Richard Ganoung) and Robert (John Bolger), who ...
Parting Glances. 1986. USA. Directed by Bill Sherwood. 35mm. 90 min. It's 1982, and AIDS will have claimed almost a thousand lives by the end of the year.
Mar 14, 1986 · Parting Glances`` is probably the best film about gays since the original ``La Cage Aux Folles`` and is one of the best movies ever on the ...