License to Wed

PG-13 · 2007 ‧ Romance/Comedy ‧ 1h 41m
5.3/10 · IMDb 7% · Rotten Tomatoes 53% · Fandango
Newly engaged couple Sadie (Mandy Moore) and Ben (John Krasinski) look forward to a traditional wedding in St. Augustine's Church but, unfortunately for the lovebirds, the Rev. Frank (Robin Williams) refuses to bless the union until they pass his...
Release date: July 3, 2007 (USA)
Director: Ken Kwapis
Budget: 35 million USD
Box office: 70.2 million USD
Casting directors: Jakki Fink and Shani Ginsberg

Rating (37,363)
Directed by Ken Kwapis. With Mandy Moore, John Krasinski, Robin Williams, Eric Christian Olsen. A reverend puts an engaged couple through a grueling ... Full Cast and Crew · Parents Guide · Trivia · User Reviews
License to Wed is a 2007 American romantic comedy film starring Robin Williams , Mandy Moore and John Krasinski, and directed by Ken Kwapis. The film was ... Plot · Cast · Release Story by: Kim Barker; Wayne Lloyd Box office: $70.2 million Release date: July 3, 2007 Directed by: Ken Kwapis
Newly engaged, Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) and Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) can't wait to start their life together and live happily ever after. The problem is ...
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Jul 8, 2014 · Newly engaged, Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) and Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) can't wait to ...Duration: 2:26 Posted: Jul 8, 2014
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Oct 30, 2007 · Newly engaged Ben Murphy's fiancée, Sadie Jones, has always dreamed of getting married in a traditional wedding at her family church. Rating: PG-13 (for sexual humor and language)
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License to Wed sees Mandy Moore, Robin Williams and John Krasinski star in a romantic comedy where Robin Williams plays a reverend who has a course that ... License to Wed: Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, John Krasinski, Christine Taylor, Eric Christian Olsen, Josh Flitter, DeRay Davis, Ken Kwapis, Mike ...
License to Wed. 200713+ 1h ... This comedy about a couple eager to marry stars Mandy Moore as the prospective bride and Robin Williams as the priest.
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May 27, 2016 · For those who want to see this cute romantic comedy because of Krasinski's affable “Office” character, fear not. This movie is essentially an ...
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Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) and Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) want to get married at St. Augustine's, its pastor, Reverend Frank (Robin Williams), won't bless ...