Harvey Keitel
American actor
Harvey Keitel is an American actor and producer. He has starred in films such as Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, The Duellists, The Last Temptation of Christ, Bugsy, Thelma & Louise, Reservoir Dogs, Bad Lieutenant, The Piano, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk... Wikipedia
Born: May 13, 1939 (age 80 years), Brooklyn, New York, NY
Height: 5′ 7″
Spouse: Daphna Kastner (m. 2001)
Years of service: 1956–1959

Harvey Keitel is an American actor and producer. He has starred in films such as Mean Streets (1973), Taxi Driver (1976), The Duellists (1977), The Last ... Daphna Kastner · 1958 Lebanon crisis · Lunch counter · Copkiller Children: 3 Years active: 1967–present Service/branch: United States Marine Corps Occupation: Actor, producer
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American actor and producer Harvey Keitel was born on May 13, 1939 in Brooklyn, New York City, to Miriam (Klein) and Harry Keitel. An Oscar and Golden  ...
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Harvey Keitel, (born May 13, 1939, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.), American film actor known for his swaggering tough-guy persona and wryly gruff delivery. Harvey ...
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Harvey Keitel (born May 13, 1939) is an American actor. Some of his more notable starring roles were in Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets and Taxi Driver, Ridley ...
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