R · 2003 ‧ Romance/Comedy ‧ 2h 1m
2.5/10 · IMDb 6% · Rotten Tomatoes 18% · Metacritic
Gigli (Ben Affleck) is ordered to kidnap the psychologically challenged younger brother of a powerful federal prosecutor. When plans go awry, Gigli's boss sends in Ricki (Jennifer Lopez), a gorgeous free-spirited female gangster who has her own...
Release date: August 1, 2003 (USA)
Director: Martin Brest
Box office: 7.3 million USD
Budget: 54 million USD
Screenplay: Martin Brest

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Gigli is a 2003 American comedy film written and directed by Martin Brest and starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bartha, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, ... Plot · Release and reception Produced by: Martin Brest; Casey Silver Music by: John Powell Production company: Revolution Studios; Columbia Pictures; Casey Silver Productions; City Light Films Edited by: Julie Monroe; Billy Weber
Rating (45,578)
Directed by Martin Brest. With Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bartha, Terry Camilleri. Larry Gigli is assigned by a crime boss to kidnap the brother of a ...
Rating (186)
Larry Gigli, a lowly hit man in Los Angeles, who is looking to finally score big, lands the perfect "job"--or so he thinks. He is assigned to kidnap Brian, the ... Rating: R (for sexual content, pervasive language and brief strong violence) Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Aug 1, 2018 · Ben Affleck plays Larry Gigli, a gangster working at the lowest tier of an Italian crime family. The film begins with Gigli monologuing to a would-be ...
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Jul 24, 2010 · Gigli, is a new romantic gangster comedy from director Martin Brest about a lowly thug who lets ...Duration: 2:21 Posted: Jul 24, 2010
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Mar 18, 2009 · Película con Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck. Comments are turned off. Learn more. Autoplay When ...Duration: 2:42 Posted: Mar 18, 2009
Aug 1, 2013 · It was, as The Wall Street Journal called it, “The worst movie—all right, the worst allegedly major movie—of our admittedly young century.” Gigli ...
Small-time street hood Gigli (Ben Affleck) has a reputation for big-time screw-ups. Ricki (Jennifer Lopez) is a tough gal gangster. When they're paired together ...
Aug 1, 2003 · Louis wants to do a favor for a New York mob boss, and orders Gigli to kidnap the mentally retarded brother of a federal prosecutor. Gigli does, ...
Gigli (pronounced "Gee-lee") is a 2003 American romantic comedy film written and directed by Martin Brest (yes, the same guy who also did Beverly Hills Cop ...