Dec 28, 2018 · This docuseries follows tennis superstar and multiple Grand Slam champ Naomi Osaka in the high-pressure year running up to the 2020 ...
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a 2018 interactive film in the science fiction anthology series Black Mirror. It was written by series creator Charlie Brooker and directed by David Slade. The film premiered on Netflix on 28 December 2018, its release date only officially announced the day before. Synopsis · Production · Marketing and release · Analysis Production companies: House of Tomorrow; Netflix Edited by: Tony Kearns Distributed by: Netflix Country: United Kingdom

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) ... A young programmer starts to question reality when he adapts a mad writer's fantasy novel into a video game. Director: David ... Director: David Slade Runtime: 90 min Production Co: House Of Tomorrow, Netflix Release Date: 28 December 2018 (USA)
Dec 30, 2018 · 'Black Mirror' Interactive Film: Inside the 2-Year Journey of 'Bandersnatch' ... At the center of the Bandersnatch story is Stefan's all-consuming ... Directors: David Slade
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Dec 27, 2018 · Official Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Trailer 2018 | Subscribe ➤ · | Release: 28 Dec 2018 | More ...Duration: 1:51
Posted: Dec 27, 2018
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Jan 3, 2019 · Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he ...Duration: 2:55
Posted: Jan 3, 2019
Apr 10, 2020 · 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' Has 5 Main Endings – Here's What They Are · 1. Stefan's dad drags him out of Dr. Haynes's office, following a huge ...
Dec 28, 2018 · Set in 1984, it's titled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and it's about a young programmer (played by Dunkirk star Fionn Whitehead) who finds his ...
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Bandersnatch Black Mirror ... While Bandersnatch marks an innovative step forward for interactive content, its meta narrative can't quite sustain interest over multiple ... Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Dec 28, 2018 · The result is “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” Netflix's first-ever interactive movie for adults, which debuted on the service Friday. Set in 1984 ...