A Late Quartet

R · 2012 ‧ Drama/Music ‧ 1h 45m
7.1/10 · IMDb 76% · Rotten Tomatoes 67% · Metacritic
For 25 years, the Fugue, a string quartet, has wowed music-lovers with its skilled performances. However, as the musicians prepare to celebrate a milestone season together, cellist Peter (Christopher Walken) drops a bombshell on his comrades: he...
Release date: November 2, 2012 (USA)
Director: Yaron Zilberman
Box office: 8.039 million USD

Rating (13,643)
Directed by Yaron Zilberman. With Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener, Mark Ivanir. Members of a world-renowned string quartet ... Full Cast & Crew · User Reviews · Soundtracks · Parents Guide
A Late Quartet is a 2012 American film co-written (with Seth Grossman) and directed by Yaron Zilberman starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, ... Plot · Production · Soundtrack Music by: Angelo Badalamenti Production company: Opening Night Productions; RKO Pictures Release date: September 10, 2012 (TIFF); November 2, 2012 Directed by: Yaron Zilberman
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Sep 10, 2012 · Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken and Imogen Poots, A late Quartet Movie ...Duration: 2:31 Posted: Sep 10, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 · Walken is Peter Mitchell, the cellist, who is the wisest and most thoughtful member of the group. Hoffman and Keener are Robert and Juliette ...
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A quartet's leader falls ill as marital strife hits two other members. Essentially an acting master class, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, and Christopher  ... Rating: R (for language and some sexuality)
Nov 1, 2012 · “A Late Quartet” has a semiformal structure that roughly parallels that of a piece of music, covering all the emotional bases before coming to rest.
Apr 6, 2013 · A Late Quartet – review. Fine performances enliven a moving drama about a group of classical musicians whose uneasy harmony is put at risk ...
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After 25 years together, the members of a world-renowned string quartet learn that their beloved cellist (Walken) may soon be forced to retire. A Late Quartet: Liraz Charhi, Anne Sofie von Otter, Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mark Ivanir, Wallace Shawn , ...
Nov 1, 2012 · The Fugue, a New York-based chamber quartet, is facing a crisis. At the start of their 26th season together, cellist Peter Mitchell (Christopher ...