A Bigger Splash

1973 ‧ Documentary/Drama ‧ 1h 46m
5.6/10 · IMDb 100% · Rotten Tomatoes 7.1/10 · Mubi
When David Hockney's beautiful lover, Peter Schlesinger, breaks up with him, it leaves David a complete emotional wreck. An artist, he suddenly finds himself unable to create anything, and is awash in depression and loneliness. After a time, David...
Initial release: April 10, 1975 (Netherlands)
Director: Jack Hazan
Box office: 95,826 USD
Music composed by: Patrick Gowers
Screenplay: Jack Hazan and David Mingay

Rating (357)
A Bigger Splash (1973). Not Rated | 106 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama ...
A Bigger Splash is a 1973 British biographical documentary film about David Hockney's lingering breakup with his then-partner Peter Schlesinger, from 1970 to ... Produced by: Jack Hazan; Mike Kaplan Music by: Patrick Gowers Directed by: Jack Hazan Release date: October 1973 (Chicago); 5 October 1974 (United States)
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Synopsis. A fictionalised biopic on painter David Hockney's life between 1970 and 1973. This quasi-documentary follows the artist, as well as his circle of friends ...
May 17, 2020 · Five decades on, just what is it that makes Jack Hazan's documentary A Bigger Splash so enduring? It's at once a film of its time – capturing the ...
A Bigger Splash. (Jack Hazan, 1973, BFI, 15). Philip French. Sat 3 Mar 2012 19.08 EST First published on Sat 3 Mar 2012 19.08 EST. Share on Facebook ... A Bigger Splash [Blu-ray]: David Hockney, Peter Schlesinger, Jack ... It begins in 1973 and flashes back to 1971, then gradually bringing the story ...