The Wire

2002 ‧ Crime ‧ 5 seasons
9.3/10 ˇ IMDb 94% ˇ Rotten Tomatoes 9/10 ˇ
This series looks at the narcotics scene in Baltimore through the eyes of law enforcers as well as the drug dealers and users. Other facets of the city that are explored in the series are the government and bureaucracy, schools and the news media....
S05 E10 ˇ - 30 -
Mar 9, 2008
S05 E10 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 60
S05 E09 ˇ Late Editions
Mar 2, 2008
S05 E09 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 59
S05 E08 ˇ Clarifications
Feb 24, 2008
S05 E08 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 58
S05 E07 ˇ Took
Feb 16, 2008
S05 E07 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 57
S05 E06 ˇ The Dickensian Aspect
Feb 10, 2008
S05 E06 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 56
S05 E05 ˇ React Quotes
Feb 3, 2008
S05 E05 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 55
S05 E04 ˇ Transitions
Jan 27, 2008
S05 E04 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 54
S05 E03 ˇ Not for Attribution
Jan 20, 2008
S05 E03 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 53
S05 E02 ˇ Unconfirmed Reports
Jan 13, 2008
S05 E02 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 52
S05 E01 ˇ More with Less
Jan 6, 2008
S05 E01 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 51
S04 E13 ˇ Final Grades
Dec 10, 2006
S04 E13 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 50
S04 E12 ˇ That's Got His Own
Dec 3, 2006
S04 E12 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 49
S04 E11 ˇ A New Day
Nov 26, 2006
S04 E11 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 48
S04 E10 ˇ Misgivings
Nov 19, 2006
S04 E10 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 47
S04 E09 ˇ Know Your Place
Nov 12, 2006
S04 E09 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 46
S04 E08 ˇ Corner Boys
Nov 5, 2006
S04 E08 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 45
S04 E07 ˇ Unto Others
Oct 29, 2006
S04 E07 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 44
S04 E06 ˇ Margin of Error
Oct 15, 2006
S04 E06 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 43
S04 E05 ˇ Alliances
Oct 8, 2006
S04 E05 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 42
S04 E04 ˇ Refugees
Oct 1, 2006
S04 E04 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 41
S04 E03 ˇ Home Rooms
Sep 24, 2006
S04 E03 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 40
S04 E02 ˇ Soft Eyes
Sep 17, 2006
S04 E02 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 39
S04 E01 ˇ Boys of Summer
Sep 10, 2006
S04 E01 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 38
S03 E12 ˇ Mission Accomplished
Dec 19, 2004
S03 E12 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 37
S03 E11 ˇ Middle Ground
Dec 12, 2004
S03 E11 ˇ FREE HBO:The Wire 36
S03 E10 ˇ Reformation
Nov 28, 2004

The following is a listing of fictional characters from the HBO series, The Wire. Note that some characters' allegiances or positions may have changed over time;  ... Street-level characters of The ... ˇ Law enforcement characters of ...
This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). B. Barksdale Organization ˇ Avon Barksdale ˇ D'Angelo Barksdale ˇ Stringer Bell ˇ Namond Brice ˇ Wee-Bey ...
The Barksdale Organization and the police remain important. Season three. Main article: Characters Season Three. The third season introduces the Stanfield ...

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Aug 3, 2019 ˇ In the beginning, there was only one king-- Avon Barksdale. Although he had a partner in Stringer Bell, it was clear Avon called the shots. Avon ...
A list of characters of The Wire. This list will contain spoilers. Baltimore Police Departmentnote Randall Friezer, Claude Diggins. Major Crimes Unitnote Jimmy  ...
Feb 13, 2018 ˇ Dominic West (Det. Jimmy McNulty): To read, I was given one scene from the pilot and nothing else, and I put myself on tape. I didn't think ...