Sean Penn and Chris Penn who play brothers in this film, are brothers in real life. The scenes at the restaurant were filmed at the Bell Cove Club in Hendersonville, Tn. The film cast includes two Oscar winners: Sean Penn and Christopher Walken; and two Oscar nominees: David Strathairn and Candy Clark.
Christopher Walken and Sean Penn star as volatile father and son in the compelling film "At Close Range". Did you know that no less than 8 of its co-stars either ...

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Who was considered for At Close Range? Robert De Niro. He turned down the role in the father-son drama, purportedly because he found it "too dark.".
At Close Range is a 1986 American neo-noir crime drama film directed by James Foley, based on the real life rural Pennsylvania crime family led by Bruce ... Story by: Elliott Lewitt; Nicholas Kazan Music by: Patrick Leonard Release date: April 18, 1986 Directed by: James Foley
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During one emotional scene, Sean Penn ran off and replaced a checked gun right before cameras rolled. The result made the cut. Trivia.
At Close Range is, in my opinion, a highly underrated crime film. The 1986 drama depicts the events surrounding a crime family based in rural Pennsylvania.
Hey, It's That Guy!: Kiefer Sutherland plays one of Brad Jr.'s buddies., Real Life Relative: The...
Sean Penn trivia, scoop and anything you might not know about title. ... his brother, Chris Penn and his mother, Eileen Ryan in "At Close Range" (1986).
Oct 13, 2018 · You can also find some great trivia about these At Close Range actresses and actors below, such as when they were born, and what other films ...

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