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Cast[edit] ˇ Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine ˇ Hugh Laurie as Richard "Dicky" Onslow Roper ˇ Olivia Colman as Angela Burr ˇ Tom Hollander ... Broadcast ˇ Episodes ˇ Critical reception ˇ Accolades No. of episodes: 6 (list of episodes) Music by: Victor Reyes Producer(s): Rob Bullock Production company(s): The Ink Factory; BBC; Demarest Films; AMC
The Night Manager (2016). Series Cast & Crew. Directed by (1) ˇ Writing credits ( 2) ˇ Cast (85) ˇ Produced by (19) ˇ Music by (1) ˇ Cinematography by (1) ...
Rating (69,369)
The night manager of a Cairo hotel is recruited to infiltrate an arms dealer's ... Very flash and dazzle television highlighted by attractive cast, exotic locations, and ...
Rating (65)
Cast & Crew ˇ Tom Hollander ˇ David Harewood ˇ Tom Hiddleston ˇ Hugh Laurie ˇ Elizabeth Debicki ˇ Olivia Colman ˇ Susanne Bier ˇ Rob Bullock. Network: AMC Exec. Producers: John Le Carré, David Farr, Polly Hill, Simon Cornwell, Stephen Cornwell, Stephen Garrett, Susanne Bier
Rating (65)
Cast & Crew ˇ Tom Hiddleston ˇ Hugh Laurie ˇ Olivia Colman ˇ Tom Hollander ˇ Elizabeth Debicki ˇ David Harewood ˇ David Farr ˇ Susanne Bier. TV Network: AMC
May 18, 2017 ˇ Meet the cast of The Night Manager ˇ Jonathan Pine – Tom Hiddleston ˇ Richard Roper – Hugh Laurie ˇ Angela Burr – Olivia Colman ˇ Jed Marshal ...
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Oct 22, 2020 ˇ When The Night Manager aired on the BBC back in 2016, it was a huge hit. The series, starring ...Duration: 1:30 Posted: Oct 22, 2020
Watch video extras from The Night Manager. ... Go behind the scenes with the cast and creators as they introduce you to the high-stakes world of John le Carre's ...
Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of The Night Manager with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at
Dec 23, 2019 ˇ There's certainly enough enthusiasm for a second outing among the show's cast and crew, but will The Night Manager season 2 ever ...

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